Day 4, Tuesday
Fjords, snow, bank, open-air museum, tunnel

The fjords are still eating out of our hands. Waking up at seven o’clock. The temperature outside is about 5C, in the car probably not much more, but in the sleeping bag and under the warm quilt a palpable 36.6. The warm spring next to the car is certainly steaming. I am not checking. I am switching the alarm off and I am rolling over to the other side. I am closing my eyes just for a moment … I am checking the time… And at no time 45 minutes passed by. It’s time to leave the warm car. Outside the window I can see rays of sunshine shyly breaking through the clumps of clouds. I gather my courage and run in my flip-flops to the warm spring…. I jump into a medium-sized “pool”. Warm… Ufff… how hot! Enough is enough! Red as a cancer I jump to cooler water. What’s too much is unhealthy. Here in the lower lewel pool the temperature is perfect. Steam is all around. I savor the warmth and beauty of the surrounding nature. I pass at least half an hour like this. By this time Artur has also crawled out and even started boiling water for rice. Today there is no “Kaminski” for breakfast. We have full grazing. Rice with apple and cinnamon. Yummy.

Dynjandi – waterfall in the shape of a woman’s loose hair

After breakfast we gather quite efficiently and continue heading east. We accidentally discover Dynjandi – a lovely waterfall hidden somewhere in the western fjords. Experts report that it looks like the loose hair of a beautiful white-headed woman… If you exert your imagination, you can see everything 😉


Some miles away, already completely without straining our imagination, we see a large patch of snow. This is the first snow this autumn! We park right next to it and fool around like children. One can slip a little. Surprisingly, neither of us scored a soil ;)). With smiles like croissants on our faces, exulting in the super fun we drive on. The views take our breath away.

On the way we have some tiny town with a tiny port and a tiny bank where we exchange our tiny jewro for crowns. The lady in the bank is very nice. You can see that masses of tourists don’t flock here like they do around Reykjavik. Of course, we are also treated to coffee. Free coffee is everywhere here. Even in the supermarket!

Moss- and grass-covered roofs

We pass some houses with “cheeses”, that is, foiled grass, I guess the so-called “silage” (they got the name of cheeses from us, because this foiled hay, so nicely wrapped in colorful foils resembles those round breakfast cheeses. I hope you know what they are about. If not?… well, tough ). Then the fjords again, some tunnel, in places wide for one car, an enclosed open-air museum with houses whose roofs were covered with grass and moss. Incidentally, the only house so far with grass on the roof. And after all, this is how I imagined Iceland. (I don’t hide my disappointment!)

Today we are quite a lot in the car. The weather is not the worst, but not the best either. I would say rather average and we have to escape the rain rushing to the east. This is how another day passes us by. In the evening we find a quite pleasant looking parking lot. There are some trees, bushes, a river nearby… We fall asleep without frolicking, although we hoped to find some warm springs. Well, it’s not for every day that a Jacuzzi awaits us.