Hands clenched in iron fists on the fork stick. Fork blades aimed directly at us. It sounds incredible, but it is happening right now. I feel like I’m in an action movie, but unfortunately not in the role of a superhero. Two Romanian villagers tear at us brandishing a potential murder weapon. I don’t know Romanian, but the gestures of their muscular and heavy-handed hands leave no illusions. We are not welcome here. We guess the natives took us for thieves. Who else in the middle of the night ventures into those fields?

We entered this road, only to rest here and have to sleep on the main road. Just how to explain it to them? Those peasants know anything except Romanian. Fortunately, with the help of arms and legs, it was possible to calm the situation down and leave this unlucky field in one piece…

So… This was one of my adventures. Come back here from time to time, because there will be more… Although I hope that not all my travels will be so dramatic and all will end well (otherwise there will be no one to continue this blog ;)).

We’re going straight ahead!

Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay