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Iceland: Day 2: Center of the ...

Day 2, Sunday Middle of the earth, ponies, climbing a metal volcano, telegraph tower, hot pot with a house Start Milena sleeps tired after the night shift. She came back at around 6 am. A delicious breakfast awaits us on the table. There is Icelandic skyr (kind of cheese), Polish bread, tomatoes… Delicious… We’re going […]

Iceland: Day 1. Flight, Airpor...

This time it starts without any adventures. Although Easyjet was delayed, it doesn’t matter much for the whole trip. As usual, I don’t have a big plan. Flight ticket in both ways, that’s all. The only difference compared to my previous trips is that this time we rented a car. The fact of “we” is […]

Instead of welcoming

Hands clenched in iron fists on the fork stick. Fork blades aimed directly at us. It sounds incredible, but it is happening right now. I feel like I’m in an action movie, but unfortunately not in the role of a superhero. Two Romanian villagers tear at us brandishing a potential murder weapon. I don’t know […]