This time it starts without any adventures. Although Easyjet was delayed, it doesn’t matter much for the whole trip. As usual, I don’t have a big plan. Flight ticket in both ways, that’s all. The only difference compared to my previous trips is that this time we rented a car. The fact of “we” is also something new. Exceptionally I don’t go alone, but with a friend, which is probably the main attraction of the whole trip.


We haven’t seen each other, hmmm… a decade probably and we know each other from my “anthropological” trip to the British Isles. During the week we hitchhiked from Brighton to Lands End and back. We were only equipped with sleeping bags, not much cash, but a lot of good humor and an uncontrollable desire to discover new places.

Ania, Artur’s wife, contacted me a few months ago. She proposed a very special birthday present for her husband – a trip to Iceland with me, and… without her. She knew well that both of us, I mean me and Artur since I can remember, we wanted to go to Iceland. Hence she got this idea. To be honest, I immediately liked this offer, the more that I haven’t seen Artur for a long time. In addition, I postponed the trip to Iceland for much too long. To be honest, I was also impressed by Artur’s wife. Which of my friends’ wives would make a similar gift to her husband by sending him on a trip of over a week with a friend? Amazing wife! Maybe I will even contribute to a luxury SPA for her as a thank you for the great idea;) ? We’ll see.
Artur didn’t know anything about his birthday gift. We bought round-trip tickets as a surprise…

The beginning of an adventure

For my part, more or less it remained by buying only the tickets. I should be better prepared, but somehow I leave most of it to chance. I like to know that if I like it and I can’t see many interesting places, I’ll go back there because I have still something to explore … We’ll see how it will be this time.

For the moment there are no adventures with the plane (as it was, f.e. with the flight to Uruguay, where I first took an outdated passport and had to rebook my flight the next day, and then in London I almost missed the plane… and on the why back have to discover that my flight finished in London and not in Geneva, where it should be). Today, although Easyjet started late, there are no great emotions. I had some excitement when I realized I had forgotten my passport. Fortunately, before leaving I read my “checklist” and put everything I need into my backpack (I hope).

Robert, a friend of my friend (also Robert) is waiting for me at the airport . Very kind of him.

Keflavik, Robert, Krzysiek

Robert came for me as we agreed. Very nice. We have nice talking … First, we go to the Polish store. Indeed, Iceland is overrun by countrymen. You can buy here “Krakowska sucha” (a very good Polish sausage) and a lot of other Polish products that I honestly don’t even know. Robert wants to buy some sweets for his son. Unfortunately, they don’t have what he is looking for.

We move on. This time we will pick up Krzysiek, a good friend of Robert. Krzysiek knows Iceland like the back of his own hand. He is a real expert, so I’ll have the opportunity to find out in the evening about interesting places. Quite a lot of time passes and we finally get home. Milena, Robert’s wife is not very happy because all this time she was waiting for us with food … I learn that according to the plan we were supposed to come straight home, and we got hooked on Krzysiek …

The food is delicious: minced chops, potatoes, and salad. Yum yum … The situation calms down and we have a moment to talk. Unfortunately, not too much, because Milena goes to work on a night shift. Before leaving, he gives me a gas bottle, a warm quilt, and lots of guides … Golden people. tbc …